Thursday, July 21, 2005

conditions necessary for ending the war

most of this was inspired by an article i read in a recent issue of International Socialist Review ( The prerequisites for the ending the war in iraq, as based on observations of Vietnam and elsewhere:
1. Resistance at home, within the occupying country (aka US!)
2. Resistance within the occupying armed forces
3. Resistance within the occupied country.

It seems that resistance at home is small, but persistent and slowly gathering strength. Resistance within the army, navy, etc. is very small, but definetly present.
As we all know, regardless of whatever disagreement we have with them over tactics, resistance within Iraq is alive and well, despite a lack of a unified front. It seems to have been proven throughout history that popular insurgencies within occupied countries always win out in the end, simply because of their ability to grow despite strategical and military setbacks.

(that last bit was paraphrased from the great Noam Chomsky.)


LT Brifri said...

I am a Public Affairs Officer working with U.S. Central Command and I want to send this message out to get you to look at the good stories that are being done. Please see attached story...

There are many more stories on the web site showing progression with the reconstruction efforts.


red bandit said...

A response from the author:
While all stories of "reconstruction" are all propaganda in my opinion, i leave it up to my readers to believe it or not, for the sake of an open dialogue.